About Us




“We love the earth; we love to travel. To experience the world in its entirety is the true way of expanding one’s mind. To smell the ocean, feel the soft sand crunch beneath your feet, to ascend the tallest mountains and feel the droplets of dew from leaves.”

This is what Anchors & Horizons idealizes and it’s only natural that the clothes we make, reflect these feelings.

The brand was first realized during an epiphanic moment on the tranquil cliffs of Lima, Peru. Overlooking the vast and shimmering Pacific Ocean, the (metaphorical) anchors were envisioned as the things that keep us grounded in place, as we continue on our personal journey. While behind us, the mountains in the horizon represented the goals we constantly strive towards. We believe that to succeed in life, you need a stable foundation (anchors) to help you reach your personal ambitions (horizons).

With this in mind, we are constantly creating strong relationships with both local & small international manufacturers, so we can deliver our customers quality on-trend garments. In addition, we source natural fabrics with minimal synthetics, to ensure your body breathes and remains comfortable while you lead an active lifestyle.

Located at the iconic coastline city of Gold Coast, Queensland, our style is heavily influenced by this laid-back location and our travels overseas. From the breezy heights of Burleigh Hill, the sandy shores of Coolangatta to a secluded tropical location, we will have you covered for your summer Down Under or your next adventure abroad.